We will present the Awards in the course of our event on day 1 from 16:30h and in cooperation with our partners. We look forward to receiving your submissions for the following categories:


We are looking for innovative new product launches from the field of interior | interior design for office buildings and workplaces. Office equipment and interior design are fixed thematic components of our conference. At the same time, we present the award in the category “Interior | Product”. Outstanding new innovative products that positively support everyday office work will be judged.


The change in the office working world is defined by the development of new software and hardware as well as new furnishing concepts towards new forms of our work also by the buildings in which we will increasingly work in the future. In this category we are looking for a newly designed office building, either with completed planning phase or already in realization / realized.    



Digitization and its impact on the office work environment take up a lot of space in our event. In this category we are looking for a newly introduced digitalization solution in the field of software and IT, such as video conferencing solutions, office software, search engines, speech recognition and the like.


Documents for submission | Here for you to download !